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Director's Corner
Mary C. Doezema
Executive Director
Aging Institute of Michigan

Livability for All: Life Beyond Limitation The Traverse city Aging in Community Initiative based on the AARP Livable Communities model is a communiry-wide assessment project the helped to identify assets and barriers to livability for those who live and work in the Traverse City area. While the questions were asked from the perspective of older persons, the community features and amenities surveys were meant to benefit individuals of all ages and abilities.

The Traverse City leadership team recognized the person-centered planning first emerged as flexible and supportive ... (Read More)
Michigan Leads in Livability Issues
On the state level, the Aging Institute of Michigan, through the generous support of AARP, launched the new "MI Home Town" website to showcase state wide livability initiatives and to help communities move their initiatives forward by promoting best practices in the field of aging in place. Leaders from across Michigan will gather the second week of November to ...
Aging Institute of Michigan Explores PEAK Community Model
What exactly is a transformational community? A PEAK Community, based on the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, is a community development model that is: Person-Centered, Economically-Driven, Action-Oriented, and Knowledge-Based, Moreover, a PEAK community is one in which Boomers seek to self-actualize through deeply engaging in ...
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